Make the Most of Fall in Chattanooga With This List of Our Favorite Activities

Each season comes with its own unique joys and challenges. Though fall is usually a busy time, getting back to school and settling into a new routine, it can be enjoyable as well. For citizens of Chattanooga, this should be no different. If you live in the Chattanooga area, it is essential to know about the activities that can make autumn a special time of year here. 

At McCoy Homes, we are passionate about engaging with our community and ensuring that newcomers and longtime residents alike know about the great activities available in Chattanooga in the autumn. We’ve assembled 15 of our favorite events, so you can make sure that you can have some family fun this fall.

Downtown Segway Tour

Sometimes, these boots aren’t made for walking. On those days, a downtown Chattanooga Segway Tour is one of the most fun ways to see the city. These tours cover the area’s history and act as a great way to get to know downtown. Whether you live here or are just visiting, these tours are a great way to see the area.

Take A Spooky Ghost Tour

Nowhere houses more ghost stories than the South. Chattanooga’s Ghost Tours are a fan favorite, offering both educational, information and spooky tales about the area’s past. Families and individuals of all ages can enjoy this activity. In recent years, ghost tours have become a staple in area’s autumn culture.

Brewery + Distillery Tours

Chattanooga has some incredible breweries that produce some of the best beers in the region. It is also home to several distilleries which produce delicious spirits with local flare. Though there are organized tours available, you can do an impromptu tour on your own as well. Whatever kinds of spirits/beers you prefer, you can find them in Chattanooga. Some of our favorite stops include: Chattanooga Brewing Company, Wanderlinger Brewing and Chattanooga Whiskey.

Escape Rooms

As rainy days become more frequent, indoor activities are more appealing. Chattanooga’s Escape Rooms have become immensely popular in recent years, and Chattanooga has some great options. Whether you are alone, on a date, with friends, or with your whole family, an escape room experience is something to consider.

River Tours

If you haven’t seen Chattanooga from the river, you are missing out! The Scenic City’s beauty and charm are on full display from the water. This perspective will give you a new appreciation for the beautiful city of Chattanooga, the waterfront and the Tennessee River Gorge. Choosing a reputable River Tour Company will ensure that your trip is educational, safe and fun!

No matter what you do for fun in Chattanooga, our team at McCoy Homes is here to help you create your dream home. Whatever your ideas are, we can help you to turn them into a reality. Contact us to begin.