As you surely know by now, Chattanooga general contractor, McCoy Homes, has recently moved into a new facility and brought on several new team members. It is an exciting time of growth and change. Despite its new location and the smiling, new additions to its team, McCoy Homes is still the “same old” family-owned and operated construction company that Chattanoogans have come to know, trust and love.

The Home Builder’s Mission

Since its inception  McCoy Homes has sought to deliver thoughtful design and quality construction at a competitive price – with as little stress as possible. Steadfast commitment to this mission, careful guidance from the top, and hard work throughout the organization propelled McCoy Homes from its early days through a record breaking 2017 (MHI posted growth exceeding 43%).

McCoy Homes’ CEO, Billy McCoy, elaborates upon its stated mission and speaks to the company’s successes:

“We have been very successful. To maintain that success – to continue to plan Chattanooga’s best neighborhoods and build custom luxury homes that our customers want – we will need to stay ahead of the curve. We will need to know what home building trends will stick and which trends should be avoided. We will need to employ the best methods and technologies, as well as opt to use the best materials. But, to do any of that… we will need to have the best team of professionals. And they will need to be committed – not just to our company – but to the total satisfaction of our customers. Fortunately for us, we have that!”

An Honest Foundation

McCoy Homes has grown steadily for nearly twenty five years. While hard work and discipline have certainly played a part, Connie McCoy, Vice President of Operations, points to a culture of honesty when asked to justify her company’s favorability rating.

“We tell the truth. It’s that simple. We tell our clients that we’ll do something – and then we do it. We do it when we said we would and for the price that we all agreed on. We build luxury custom homes! There are TONS of moving parts. And TONS of opportunities for less-than-honest folk to sneak in a little extra profit here or there. But we don’t do that. We never have. We’ve developed a reputation for being upfront, timely and honest. If you ask me, that’s why our customers send their family members to us – because they know that we tell the truth and we treat people fairly.”

Next Level Craftsmanship

“When I broke ground on my first custom home, I knew I had a choice to make: was I going to be the contractor who built the most houses? Or was I going to be the contractor who built the best homes?” With a background in metal fabrication, Billy McCoy understood how material quality could impact his project. He knew that better materials and finishes would cut into his margin. But, he also knew that his customers would get a better, longer lasting product. He chose to take a hit in the short term – gambling that his sacrifice would endear him to his customers; and that – in turn – they would be loyal to him and help him grow his company. His gamble paid off. And his story serves as an enduring reminder that, in construction, “better is always better”.

Professionalism Plus

“Our team members know that their jobs require them to do more than simply put up four walls and a roof. They know that they are designing, building and curating spaces where life will be lived, where families will grow. Babies will be brought home, first steps will be taken, stories will be read, noses will be wiped, there will be warm hugs and helping hands, family and friends will be entertained, sports gear will be dropped – tossed – or thrown and the laundry will be piled. There are stressors in daily life – but with understanding and careful planning, our team knows that they can mitigate those stressors. They know that they have the power to affect a family’s quality of life! And they are proud to be trusted with that responsibility. They take it seriously.” Connie McCoy, VP Operations

Whether designing and building a custom home or planning for a renovation, the McCoy Homes team chants the same mantra, “The devil is in the details.” Evidence of the same care and attention paid to the company’s expansion into its Jordan Road location, can be seen in every project McCoy Homes touches. This home builder works to spot issues before they arise, design solutions before they’re needed and put an end to client anxiety before it  has a chance to rear its ugly head. “Our projects are better and our homeowners are less worried because our people care the most. Period.”

To learn more about McCoy Homes – Chattanooga’s most trusted name in luxury home building – Please Reach Out today. We’re grateful for your interest in our company, and we’d be honored to work with you!