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Choosing a residential construction company is a daunting task, it comes with a lot of questions. For your convenience, we have complied a list of questions that our clients often ask. Check it out below! But, please do not hesitate to reach out if you have a question that is not addressed here. We are happy to answer specific questions or help in any way we can.

Where does McCoy Homes build custom homes?

We build new homes throughout greater Chattanooga. We build in Apison, Ooltewah, East Brainerd, Hixson, Lookout Mountain, North Chattanooga, Riverview, Signal Mountain, and Soddy Daisy. However, we are not limited to those areas!

Where, in Chattanooga, should I build my home?

Any realtor will tell you about the “the three L’s of real-estate. Location. Location. Location.” Where you decide to build your home will dramatically impact your life! Consider these things when choosing a location for your new custom home:

  • Your work commute.
  • Local schools.
  • Taxes and the availability of municipal or county services.
  • Proximity to restaurants, entertainment and social amenities.
  • Neighborhood amenities: bike paths, club house and pool, walkable streets.
  • The existence of a neighborhood covenant and/or neighborhood association.

What should I consider when selecting a lot within a developing community?

  • The size and shape of the lot will affect the size and shape of your home.
  • Would you rather be located near the amenities surrounding the club house? Or would you prefer a more secluded locale?
  • Terrain. Do you want terraced landscaping on a hill? Or would you rather have flat space around which to kick a soccer ball?
  • Who will take care of permits and inspections?

As a member of the Greater Chattanooga Home Builders Association and the National Association of Home Builders, McCoy Homes is very familiar with building codes, permits and inspection protocols. We will take responsibility for all new residential construction permits.

How long will it take to build my home?

It depends, entirely, on the scope of your project. McCoy Homes is a residential construction company specializing in fully custom homes. Because each project is different from the last, we cannot deliver an exact time frame until we have determined a plan and a project scope. However, at that point, we can tell you just how many weeks we will need before you can expect to be sleeping beneath the roof of your new custom home!

Am I limited to the finishes in McCoy Homes’ Design Center?

Absolutely not. If you find a finish that you like, we will use it. Our design center exists as a tool for our customers, but will never be used to limit them.

What if I already have my own custom home plans?

The best way to answer this question is to say: McCoy Homes is a flexible custom home construction company. We can, literally, do whatever you want to do. We can work with a plan that you have, we can order and modify stock plans from the internet or we can draft a new custom home plan, from scratch, just for you.

Is McCoy Homes the right custom home construction company for me?

Building a home is a very personal experience. The “get-along” factor should weigh, heavily, in your decision making process. Our suggestion is to meet with and to interview the home builders on your short list. Get a feel for their personalities. Understand their processes. Interact with their support staff. You will see a lot of these people for the next several months. You really should like them!

We also encourage prospective clients to check out reviews. Testimonials may provide insight that you otherwise would not have. How do I know that McCoy Homes will not run my custom home project over budget?

The truth is: you have to trust your contractor. BUT, you don’t have to trust blindly.
We have a long list of satisfied customers who are more than willing to tell you about their experience with McCoy Homes. Their projects were finished on time and on budget.

There is an old carpentry adage: “Measure twice, cut once.” The implication is this: with proper planning, your work will be more accurate. We encourage you to come to our showroom to talk to one of our dedicated project managers. We would love to show you just how much time and energy go into the planning of our clients’ custom home projects. We are certain that this experience will assuage your fears.