Design Services for Your Design Build Project

Award Winning Design Services in Chattanooga

McCoy Homes’ award winning design team specializes in the planning and interior design of Custom Design Build Homes – with a strong emphasis on livable luxury. Our designers take a client centered approach to their interior design services and each residential design build project. Whether you are going for a modern vibe, or Acreage Home Designs, our interior design team will help you design and build the custom home of your dreams.

Interior design

Design Team

Delivering superior interior design services in Chattanooga, McCoy Homes’ Interior Design team is committed to LIVABLE LUXURY. We research and source materials and finishes that are, at once, beautiful and functional, timeless and on-trend. We work to ensure that our showroom is stocked with the most current, most useful and most responsible options on the market.

Planning Services

McCoy Homes operates much like a boutique interior design services firm. We can assist with as much or as little as you’d like. We can work with an existing set of plans or, our interior design team can use your sketches and your idea boards to create a wholly custom space plan for you and your family. You just have to let us know what you have and what you want to accomplish!

Design Center

Our clients said they wanted more finish options and more space to collaborate with our design build team. We heard them. And we went straight to work building a new showroom. We filled it with the market’s best materials and we designed work spaces that foster teamwork, planning and production. From our new showroom, we can provide the best interior design services in Chattanooga!

Our Interior Design Team is the best that Chattanooga has to offer!

Custom Home Design Services in Chattanooga

From Professional Interior Designers

They say Interior Design is equal to education plus experience plus examination. At McCoy Homes, we agree. Our designers hold degrees from some of the finest design schools in the country. They have decades of industry experience. Each one of them has taken and passed the industry’s qualification exam and accompanying practicum – an accomplishment for which we are so proud! We can honestly promote our interior designers as experts in the field.

“Decoration is important. But it’s not design. To be a designer, you must be educated, experienced and examined. You must also know what you don’t know – and be willing to admit it.”

– Jillian Hendricks

McCoy Homes has the Best Interior Design Team, but…

They are educated, they are experienced, they are examined, they are smart, and we are so proud of them – their credentials and their accomplishments. BUT! Our Interior Designers do not yet know everything that they need to know in order to design the perfect custom home for you and your family!

Our Interior Designers do not yet know your routine. They do not know what sports your children play, what hobbies your husband has, or how you intend to use your kitchen. Will your children do their homework at the island? Will you have extra “help” from your relatives around the Holidays? How many people from your Bible Study will gather to fellowship around your dining room table? Our Designers do not know any of this. Not yet, anyway!

You need to be aware of any extra services you need, HVAC system services (such as, electricians and everything else that goes into making a home a home! We can guide as much as possible, but ultimately the decisions are on you!

Interior Design is one part Art, one part Science and two parts People! We design Custom Homes around the families and the unique individuals who will live in them. So each one is wildly different from the next!

A Custom Home Designed by McCoy Really is a Custom Home

Though everyone of our projects looks and feels different from the next, our Interior Design Team begins each custom home project the same way: by asking questions. Your interior designer will ask questions about your lifestyle, your habits and those of your family members. They will ask about school, sports and church. They will ask about work and leisure. They will ask about your wakeup routine, your bed time routine – and all of the routines in between. Furthermore, it would be an even better idea if you had read up on what furniture choices would work best for you by using websites like for guidance.

Once our Designers have asked their questions, they will listen to your answers… really listen. And then they will work to incorporate your feedback into a space plan that suits you, your family and the way that you all live your lives. As the the design of your custom home begins to take shape, our design team will engage you further – they will solicit your direction in every decision; so that – in the end – your custom home is, truly, uniquely YOUR custom home.

Our Interior Design team will help you select practical materials and finishes – custom finishes that both fit your aesthetic and meet your needs. If you want white sofas and blue patterned cushions, they’ll find the right ones for you or if you wanted something like plantation shutters for your windows to add that finishing touch then they’d be happy to ablige. They will design clever storage solutions so that you may – once and for all – conquer the clutter! They will help you integrate the latest “smart home” technologies and appliances so as to help you better manage your home – and your life!

Ready to Start the Design Build Project of your Dreams?

If you are ready to begin designing your custom home, call us today. Our team is standing by to answer questions and provide expert interior design advice. We’d be honored to plan a space – a home – for you and your family

Are you interested in discussing McCoy Homes’ design services with one of our team members? If so, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We would be honored to work with you.