Four low-stress tips for incorporating fall foliage into your interior decor this fall.

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year; it signals the start of the holiday season for many American families. When summer draws to a close, and the temperature starts to drop, it’s a good idea to break out some seasonal decorations along with your comfiest sweaters. At McCoy Homes, we have a few suggestions for beautiful fall floral arrangements that can make your home warmer and more inviting this fall.

Seasonal Vegetables Make Great Decorations

The autumn months hearken to the harvest time, and seasonal vegetables can make great additions to your home-cooked meals this fall and as vibrant and comforting decorations. Perhaps the best example is the pumpkin. You can purchase pumpkins of various sizes (real or fake, whichever you prefer!) and then use them as table centerpieces, decorative splashes of fall color on end tables and windowsills, and coffee table decorations. Other great fall vegetables that can double as festive decorations include ears of multicolored corn and squashes. If you want to add even more natural pieces, consider acorns, apples, and pinecones, too.

In the above photo (borrowed from HGTV), the stylist makes use of green apples, figs, artichokes, white pumpkins, pinecones and sprigs of a cheery yellow floral.

Play With Fall Leaves

Raking your leaves may not seem like fun, but you can find some fantastic colors among the piles in your yard this fall. Before you start raking, take a walk and gather some of the most vibrant complete leaves you can find. These can become beautiful garlands, additions to your holiday table centerpieces, or accents to other decorative spots throughout your home. You can also make some stunning pieces by attaching branches with twine for rustic, fall-inspired wall hangings or additions to light sconces.

Create a Fall Wreath

The fall leaves will hold their golden, orange, and red colors for quite some time, and you can either purchase or make your festive fall wreaths to decorate your front door, your mantle, or above the dining room table. Creating a wreath yourself isn’t very difficult (check out Martha Stewart’s DIY wreath instructions HERE) and can be very rewarding, and it could also be an excellent craft for kids to enjoy.

Play With Fall Colors in Your Floral Arrangements

Flowers make a home more comforting and inviting throughout the year, and fall flowers are particularly beautiful with their range of reds, oranges, and golden yellows. Chrysanthemum arrangements in oranges, yellows, and reds are gorgeous additions to your home as table centerpieces or as beautiful spots on end tables, coffee tables, and windowsills. Other fall flowers you might want to try throughout your home include pansies, celosia, croton houseplants, dianthus, and even ornamental peppers. In case you can’t find these flowers in your local shops, you might also want to check in with the various online flower delivery sites (Kilsyth florist, for one). You wouldn’t want to miss the fall flowers!

The typical fall colors of yellow, orange, red, and brown are versatile and play well with many different textures, patterns, and materials. However, they’re not the only colors one has to pick from. If you’ll notice, none of the photos above features the typical pumpkin orange or burlap brown. Granny-Smith Apple Green, Plum, Deep Fuchsia and Artichoke are also “fall colors”. So, just remember: the possibilities are truly endless!

The team at McCoy Homes would love to hear your suggestions and favorite decorating trends for the autumn months. Reach out to let us know about the fall foliage you prefer in your home and tell us all about your favorite seasonal decorating techniques! We’d love to hear from you.