McCoy Homes is more than just a residential home building company. Our mission is to provide our clients with real livable luxury. Glamour, comfort, and function are front-and-center through every step of every project. Construction is just one part of what we do. Unique among the many general contractors in the Chattanooga area, McCoy Homes features an award winning interior design department led by the wonderfully talented Ashley Stinson.

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Interior Design History:

Ashley worked in various aspects of architecture and design after graduating from Auburn University with a degree in interior architecture. She has been working in residential design and construction for more than a decade. She has used her education, her experience and her eye for detail to dominate the Chattanooga market. She has a reputation for comfortable yet bold, exquisite yet easy interiors is known across the Tennessee Valley.

Gorgeous Designer Kitchen in Chattanooga Tennessee

Interior Design Philosophy:

According to Ashley, the best thing about being an Interior Designer is “[getting] to walk through a finished space; to see and to feel all of the different elements come together.”

No two interior design projects are the same. Ashley brings a unique twist to every project she oversees. She recently contributed to Sunset Magazine’s “Sunset Celebration Weekend” – a workshop based on western environmental influences. She not only designed several rooms for Sunset Magazine, but she also spent a great deal of time talking about sustainable construction and design practices and the future of interior design.

When she’s not working on a project or hustling about with her three active kids, Ashley is doing her best to ensure that every client at McCoy is having fun throughout the design process. Other interior design firms may stick with what they think is best, but Ashley always focuses on the client, she works to bring THEIR dreams life.

Unique Interiors Designed for Clients Luxurious Master Closet by McCoy Homes Interior Design in Chattanooga

Interior Design Process:

She stays on top of thee latest trends in design, materials, finishes (color, pattern, texture and medium), and sustainable practices. Although Ashley is very future-conscious in her design choices, aesthetically, she still prefers traditional, Southern design.

Crisp whites coupled with deep emerald greens are among her favorite color pairings.  And – not surprising – one of the “It” pairings of Summer 2017!  Ashley also enjoys adding “a touch of bling” – unique accents to traditional design elements.

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“My love of emerald is so real, y’all!” So, so, so real!”

Luxury Interior Designer Inspiration Board

“Luxurious Interiors don’t just fall into place. They’re planned. Very carefully.”

McCoy Homes’ lead Interior Designer’s favorite inspiration boards feature ideas with everything from copper gutters, emerald cabinets, and marble countertops on her “old house” board to a “traditional” board featuring bold, golden light fixtures, classic whites in the kitchen, painted brick, and walls of deep navy blues and greens.

Luxury Dining Room Chattanooga Bold and Luxurious Interiors

Interior Design Inspiration:

Ashley finds daily inspiration for her design everywhere and follows all of the top manufacturers and thought leaders in the interior design world on social media to stay up to date with the latest trends. She enjoys the constant challenge of taking on new, unique projects, and makes sure that McCoy Homes’ clients enjoy every step of the design process, from the first meeting after the contract is signed to the final walkthrough of the finished project. McCoy Homes is proud to have such a talented, enthusiastic interior design expert on our team.

Currently topping Ashley’s list of favorite inspirational blogs: Studio McGee. When asked to provide some “Inspo Samples” for this article, Ashley didn’t hesitate to send this photo, with the caption, “Current Kitchen Crush.” As you can see, our girl is on top of ALL the trends.

Interior Design Inspiration Chattanooga

If you’d like to make a McCoy Home your home, call us today. We’d be honored to work with you. And Ashley would be positively thrilled to treat you to a livably luxurious space of your very own!