You’ll probably notice the term “livable luxury” when you browse our website. This concept is much more than a social media hashtag or gimmicky marketing copy. It is, in a sense, a concept that loosely defines our company, our values and our approach to our work. We design luxury homes – throughout the Chattanooga area – with supreme functionality in mind. Your project with McCoy Homes will, of course, look incredible – but we are certain that it also will positively affect the way you live your life.  We plan our spaces and design our homes around our clients, their families and the way that they live their lives.

Our Homes Bast The Best Materials

Luxury homes should be beautiful reflections of their owners, and the design process should incorporate the client’s needs throughout the entire process. We don’t create results that just look good in photographs. We source only the best building materials so you can be sure your project is structurally sound and stable.

We also only use the finest and most durable fixtures that won’t wear out over time. When it comes to appliances, we may not construct them ourselves, but we will provide guidance to help you select the appliances that will not only look fantastic in your home, but also provide utility savings and true functionality.

We Design Homes Around Each Client


When you work with McCoy Homes, you don’t need to worry about us taking the reins away from you – you will have the final say in the entire design process. If you don’t like a result, we’ll do whatever is necessary to make it right. Some parts of the homebuilding and renovations processes may seem foreign to those without any experience in the field, and we’re happy to provide expert-level answers to all of your questions and concerns. You don’t need to worry about being kept in the dark, hoping the final result turns out the way you want. We’ll take you through every step of the project and make sure you’re completely happy with every phase of our work.

Add Real Value To Your Home

Whether you’re interested in building a brand new home from the ground up, designing an addition for that rec-room you’ve always wanted, or renovating a space in an existing home, you can be sure of the value McCoy Homes provides for every project. Livable luxury means that our projects are not just going to look incredible; we strive to surpass your expectations in terms of your home’s functionality, as well. From everyday concerns, such as heating, air conditioning, and security, to making sure your home is equipped for your social gatherings, McCoy Homes has you covered, and you’ll see the value in our work for years to come.

If you’d like to make a McCoy Home your home, call us today! We’d be honored to work with you.