We’re pretty excited, and have been telling everyone who will listen, so you may have already heard, but… McCoy Homes, Chattanooga’s favorite luxury home builder, recently moved into a new home of its own. We acquired and renovated an office building at 112 Jordan Drive in Chattanooga, Tennessee. And, now… we’re ready to show off our new digs! These photos are from a cellphone camera. But as soon as we are completely settled in, we’ll have the showroom documented by a professional!

When you stop by our showroom you’ll see what happens when a custom home builder designs and builds his own unique facility around his own unique needs. We approached the design of our new home the same way we design and build homes for clients. Every space within our new location was carefully planed to serve a specific function and showcase one of our unique skills. Designing our own space gave us the benefits enjoyed by our clients when they choose us to build their own custom home…

Complete Control Over Design

We designed our new home with the same care we offer our clients. From the idea phase to the day they move in, homeowners control concept, design, materials, finishes, technology, use and function. Our custom home clients set their own limits. And we work hard to give them whatever they want – within those limits. Truly, though, we offer endless flexibility. Whether a homeowner wants a deep pool with a big fancy grotto or an outdoor living area with seating for 20, McCoy Homes can make it happen! Check out some of the custom homes that we’ve designed and built so far.

Custom Home Builder Showroom

Total Budget Jurisdiction

When we renovated our new home, we realized once again what it means to stay within a budget. When we build a a custom home, our clients know – in advance – what each aspect of their home will cost. And they control what they spend. We do extensive research during the design phase to avoid unexpected costs. We communicate with our clients throughout design and construction so that everyone understands where we are in the process and in the budget.

Extraordinary Results

Much like our showroom is unique, each of our clients can boast that their home is the only one exactly like it. Even if they’re working with a plan we’ve already built – that home will be custom tailored to fit each clients’ family and the way they live! We work with decision makers in each family to make sure that their home’s materials and finishes reflect their family’s experiences, style and personal tastes. We work to identify struggles our clients might not even know that they have. We design and implement solutions to those struggles – truly delivering a higher quality of life for our custom home clients.

McCoy Homes incorporates cutting-edge technology into every home we build. We offer smart home management systems to optimize comfort in every room and top of the line appliances that are built to last. We work to source sustainable materials that are good for both the environment and your family. We also work to ensure the durability of the finishes we install. We build our homes for real life. We want our homeowners to know that their home will be able to retain its shine, despite years of hard wear and tear.

Custom Home Builder Showroom

Impressive Entertaining

We’re not shy about the fact that we’re proud of our new space. And neither are our homeowners! Most of them are ready and willing to talk about how much they love their new McCoy Home!

We recently built a custom home in the exclusive community at Greystone Pointe. One of our families was thrilled to realize just how incredible the Ridgeline views from their home site really were. We worked with them to orient the house, arrange spaces and plan window locations to maximize their access to panoramic views of the natural beauty surrounding their new home. We also designed and located a patio with room for lounging and entertaining. Whether outside or in, they enjoy their setting more than they could have dreamed!

Custom Home Builder Showroom

Do you want higher ceilings? An elaborate entry? A cozy media room? Perhaps a hardworking kitchen? Or maybe you just want plenty of wide open living space? When designing and building a custom home, you can have it all! Come by our showroom – we’ve incorporated a lot of them into our own design. We hope it will inspire you.

We’re excited about our new home! And even more excited to get to work helping you design and build yours. Contact us today to get started. We’d be honored to work with you.