Chattanooga’s Custom Home Building Team

Billy McCoy, began his professional career as a metal fabricator. A Chattanooga native, Billy built his first custom home in 1992. Shortly there after, he founded McCoy Homes. Now, two decades later and despite harsh economic times, his family owned and operated business is thriving.

Billy’s experience as a metal fabricator gave him an appreciation for hard work, good design and quality materials. He cites this experience and this appreciation as the reason for his early success.

“It may sound simple, but our philosophy – from the beginning – has been to do good work. Shoddy work falls apart, people get mad, they stop hiring you and then you go under. The only way to survive as a custom home builder is to do produce good work. You need a smart plan, you have to be willing to work hard, and you must use quality materials to produce good work.”

– Billy McCoy, McCoy Homes, Inc.

His business has experienced significant growth over the years, but Billy maintains this very simple philosophy. He approaches each project with a craftsman’s pride. He makes regular site visits to each project. He fills his teams with veteran construction professionals. His employees are master craftsmen and they know what it means to put their name behind a project.

“Whether it’s a million dollar mansion or a 900 square foot cottage, we treat every customer and every project the same, as if it’s our own. Our reputation for quality work and honest business is known throughout Chattanooga. I want to keep it that way.”

McCoy Homes proudly holds an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau, is an active member of the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce, is a proud member of the Greater Chattanooga Home Builders Association and the National Association of Home Builders.

Billy McCoy and his team see the people for whom they work as more than a dollar-generating-consumer. They see their clients as neighbors, colleagues, friends, family. They see their clients as people who deserve the best that they have to offer. And they work to provide that on every project.

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Billy McCoy



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