At-home Cleansing Techniques for Mind and Body

Modern technology can be a double-edged sword. With all the convenience and entertainment available to us at any given moment, it can be easy to overlook healthy living. The team at McCoy Homes believes your home should be a place of serenity and healing amid all the chaos that modern life can bring. A few simple techniques can help you unplug, unwind, and refresh yourself inside and out. Try some of these cleansing techniques to rebalance yourself and recharge your energy in healthy ways.

Drink More Water!

One of the simplest ways to recharge your body is also one of the most overlooked. Many people are dehydrated without realizing it. The human body needs much more water per day than most people understand. Try to increase your water intake by skipping sugary beverages like soda and juice. Even adding a glass or two each day can have a significant effect on your overall mood and wellness.

Pause to Meditate

Meditation is easier than most people realize; all it takes is practice. Choose a spot in your home that’s comfortable and where the children are less likely to find you. Turn your phone on silent mode and find a meditative pose that feels natural to you. The typical cross-legged seated position may not work for everyone, so don’t force your body – it’s your mind you need to be at peace. Start by focusing on a single thought or simply feel the rhythm of your breathing to achieve a meditative state. Just a few minutes each day can transform your mental health.

Experiment With a New Workout Routine

Exercise should be part of everyone’s daily routine, but it can become monotonous and feel like a chore when you don’t enjoy it. Try mixing things up to recharge yourself in a new way. For example, if you usually hit the treadmill every day, opt for a walk outside instead. If you typically do calisthenics or aerobic exercises, try a dumbbell routine or alternative strength training for a change of pace. Hikes can be a great way to enjoy nature while getting your heart rate up.

Drink Herbal Teas

Coffee is an important staple of everyday life, but if you switch out your usual cup of Joe for green tea, you can still get your caffeine boost and take advantage of the healing properties of the drink. You can also try different types of herbal teas to help you relax in the evening, such as chamomile, rooibos, or ginger tea.

Scrape Your Tongue

While this may sound odd to some, tongue scraping is a great way to monitor the toxin level of your body and remove some of them quickly and painlessly. You can find tongue scrapers in your local drug store. Removing the “ama” coating your tongue in the morning can help you feel refreshed while also eliminating toxins from your body. Who knew!?

Try a Contrasting Shower

Take a shower, but alternate between hot and cold water every two to three minutes. Start by making the water as warm as you can tolerate. After two minutes, adjust it to be as cold as you can stand. Repeat this a few times to boost circulation, which in turn raises energy levels.

These are just some of the ways you can quickly and efficiently take a few moments for your well-being each day, even if you have a busy lifestyle. We hope you find these tips useful, and we welcome your feedback if you have concerns or suggestions for other cleansing techniques you would like to share!