9 Fun Ways to Keep in Touch Without Actually Having to Touch Anyone

The ongoing pandemic has forced many of us to forego our usual social gatherings, and many are feeling lonely without our besties. However, people are finding creative ways to stay connected with the people in their lives despite the social distancing guidelines permeating virtually every aspect of American life. At McCoy Homes, we want to help you keep in touch with the people who are important to you in the safest ways possible.
To stay in touch with others without risking your health, give some of the following ideas a try:

Video Chat

Schedule regular (even nightly?) video chats with friends and family. Talking on the phone is great, but video calling provides the chance to have a face-to-face chat with someone else despite the distance. FaceTime, Skype, Zoom… there are tons of apps that allow for safe video chats. Girlfriends could organize a sip-n-paint and children can do sudoku or work the crossword with their grandparents!

Write a Letter

Commit to writing one letter each day. Typical snail-mail letters are something of a relic in the face of modern technology, but taking the time to hand-write a message to someone you care about is a meaningful gesture and a great way to pass the time when you’re stuck at home.

Create a Watch Party

Try a Netflix party. Want to watch a great movie with friends while you’re each in your own homes? A Netflix Party allows you to enjoy a film together over a long distance. If the desired film isn’t available at your location, use a VPN! You just have to download and install a VPN that can unblock streaming platforms (or for just changing your location) and check the streaming website. Maybe try Ivacy VPN (after checking ivacy vpn review) or any other provider that has the required features.

Connect with Discord

Set up your Discord server. Discord is the preferred way for gamers to chat over headsets while they play games online, but it’s an excellent tool for anyone to stay connected with others, and setting up your server is easy. Discord allows for both text and voice chat over an internet connection on a desktop PC or mobile device.

Start a Digital Book Club

Try a book club app. If you and your usual book club buddies haven’t been able to get together recently, you can find loads of apps that feature Book Club functionality. You can choose new books, set meeting times for discussions, even share notes and insights from the convenience of your mobile device.

Host a Game Night

Host an online game night. You can find countless methods of hosting a night of card games with your friends online. From poker and bridge to Uno and Scattegories, you and your friends can have fun together with classic games without being in the same room.

If you and your friends are more serious gamers, then hook yourself up with a game server which you can set up and integrate with a gaming system (try here to check out some of the best gaming TVs), and get started on an intense gaming session. Whether it’s Dota, LoL, or even FIFA, gaming is much more fun as a group – even virtually!

happy family funny kids are preparing the dough, bake cookies in the kitchen

Cook Around the World

Try long-distance cooking nights. Take advantage of video calling to try a new recipe with a friend over video chat. You can both prepare an original recipe and compare results, share tips, and enjoy a good chat before enjoying a healthy meal together.

Share Your Tunes

Create a collaborative Spotify playlist. Spotify is one of the most popular music apps available, and you can create a playlist and share it with your friends, allowing them to add to it so you can all share and enjoy your favorite songs during the lockdown.

Send Some Cheer

Check your friends’ Amazon wish lists. Take time to look through your friends’ and loved ones’ public wish lists and consider sending them something from their lists as a kind gesture and a fun way to keep in touch. A little surprise can go a long way!

The team at McCoy Homes knows that the lockdown has been difficult for many families – including ours! We wanted to provide a few simple suggestions for staying connected with the people who matter most. Have you tried any of these suggestions already, or have you found a different way to keep in touch lately? Let us know!