Remodeling Company in Chattanooga Tennessee

A residential remodeling contractor in Chattanooga since 1994, McCoy Homes understands what it takes to turn your home into a show piece.

Your project matters to us. Whether it is the addition of a guest house or a cosmetic update for your master bath, McCoy Homes commits, fully, to each client. Our dedicated team of skilled and experienced tradesmen has an impressive track record.

At McCoy Homes we help our residential clients identify their goals, narrow their focus, plan their project and turn their dreams into reality. Our residential remodeling process loosely looks like this:

What is it that you hope to accomplish? Are you updating your kitchen? Are you expanding the master suite? Are you adding a playroom? If you’re going to have a large-scale renovation do you need to find a dumpster rental in arvada company so that you have somewhere to put the trash? How much will the renovation realistically cost? Are you finishing an attic? What resources have you allocated for this remodeling project? Have you checked out various companies like Doors Plus to see what they can offer?


How do you want to live in your new space? How do you want to use it? Move in it? Interact with it? How would you like to see these modifications integrated into your existing residence?


What do you want your newly remodeled space to look like? What finishes would you like to see? How will you use them? Do you want the Internal Doors to match? What color do you want these things to be? How would you like them to behave? How long do you expect them to last? Classic? Or current?


Your dedicated project manager will walk you through the construction process step-by-step. He’ll be available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have throughout the process. If you are looking for P4R conservatory roof conversions, discuss this with your project manager to make sure it fits in with what you are currently going for.

“Our bathroom was huge. But it was hideous. What a difference the remodel made! I enjoy taking baths and spending time in our new “retreat”!
First, we’ll start with questions. And then we listen to your answers. You will define the scope of your project for us. You will tell us about yourself, your family and the way that you live. You will tell us about the things that are important to you.

The home is a reflection of the people who live in it. Their personalities, their tastes and their experiences. Whether you are building anew or refurbishing the old, the award winning design team at McCoy Homes will approach your project with enthusiasm. We will work to develop fresh, creative ideas that will improve the way you live your life within your home.

Are you interested in taking the next step toward your residential remodeling project? Good! Please call or write to us today. We’re excited to talk to you, and honored to be considered for your project.