Residential Contractor in Chattanooga Tennessee

Award Winning Residential Contractor Making Dreams Reality

It may sound a little strange, but at McCoy Homes, we admit that we don’t have a new, ground breaking method or process. We just do what we do, better than our competitors. As the best residential contractor in Chattanooga, we are wholly committed to building quality homes. We are careful to work with you, not around you. We make sure that our team communicates with all of our customers during every phase of every project. When a client is looking for our custom residential construction services, our team of experienced designers and builders will work hard to make sure that they have the resources necessary to make educated decisions throughout each phase of their project.

“I appreciate all of the work that went into laying out my floor plan. Everything in our house is built around the way I live. I notice it when I entertain guests, when I load groceries from my car into the kitchen and when I’m doing laundry. My home really was designed with me in mind.”

– Homeowner

While every project is unique, our general approach to home building follows the same basic phases…

  • DREAM: Most – if not all – of our custom residential construction projects get their start in a day dream. She’s dreaming about bigger closets and a real laundry room, he’s dreaming about an outdoor kitchen and more space for his tools, they’re dreaming about bigger bedrooms, a media room and – maybe – a pool? Our clients spend this phase pouring through Pinterest Boards, Houzz Profiles, Instagram Photos and Facebook Posts.They’re dreaming big, gathering ideas and weighing portfolios. As your Residential Contractor, McCoy Homes will guide you through this phase. We will offer thoughtful recommendations and expert advice as you…
    • IMAGINE YOUR LOT. Does it sit atop a rolling hill? Does an old tree provide it shade? Will you enjoy sunsets and sweeping views of distant mountains? Will you watch your children chase fireflies in your back yard?
    • IMAGINE YOUR HOME. Will you have a grand estate, or a quaint cottage? Will you have open spaces, or clearly defined rooms? Will you casually entertain, or will you host formal parties? Where will you lounge?
    • IMAGINE YOUR INTERIORS. Will they be bold, or will they be subtle? Do you prefer elegance, or casual comfort? Do you prefer timelessness, or trendiness? Will you hang photographs, family art, fine art or all of the above?
    • IMAGINE YOUR TIME-LINE. When will you get started? Next week? Six months from now? Or maybe some time next year? Will you build your dream little by little or all at once?
  • PLAN: When you’re ready to narrow your focus, reach out to the best residential contractor in Chattanooga. It is during this phase of the design process (known formally as the programming phase), that our design team will work to define the general scope of your project. We will identify your needs, your wants and any specific goals that you might have. During this phase we will help you…
    • FIND YOUR PROPERTY. Will you live in the city, on a mountain, or in the country? What will your neighborhood look like? Is there a clubhouse? Is there an HOA? How far will you commute? Where will your children attend school?
    • FIND YOUR LENDER. How much will you put down? How much will you borrow? What is your credit score? Have you been pre-approved? Will you use a Local lender, National lender, or a Credit Union?
    • FIND THE PERFECT PLAN. How many people will live in your home? Will your children share bedrooms? How much entertaining will you do? Where will your family take their daily meals? Quickly in the kitchen? Or seated in the dining room? Will extended family stay with you for long lengths of time? Do you need space for tools, toys, or sporting gear?
  • DESIGN: During the design phase, McCoy Homes – an award winning Residential Contractor – will take this dreamy idea, that gorgeous finish and the amazing floor plan that your sister found on Pinterest… and we’ll work them all together. In short, this is when our design team begins to shape your dreams into the design of your new home. We will develop floor plans, elevations and sections detailing the construction of your home. We will also begin to develop a finish package for your residence. During this phase you will…
    • IDENTIFY YOUR STYLE. Are you subtle, bold, or do you fall somewhere in between? Are you a minimalist, or do you like patterns? Do you gravitate toward clean and uncluttered spaces? Do you prefer layers of texture, or pattern and color?
    • PICK YOUR FINISHES. Hardwood or engineered wood? Polished or honed marble? Nickel or chrome? Gold or oil rubbed bronze? Lap siding or board and batten? Brick, rock, shake, or a combination? Warm or cool colors? Neutrals with a pop of color, or color everywhere?
    • ADJUST YOUR PLAN. Does your plan meet all of your family’s needs? Is the kitchen laid out efficiently? Are the rooms arranged logically for your family? Will you be able to entertain guests comfortably?
    • SELECT YOUR FIXTURES. Kitchen fixtures. Bath fixtures. Lighting fixtures. Will they be the same throughout, or vary from space to space? What finish will they have? Will they be energy efficient? Will they integrate into smart home technology?
  • BUILD: A superior custom residential construction firm, McCoy Homes is committed to being the easiest residential builder you’ve ever worked with. We will remove as many stressful elements of the construction process as we can. One such element is the dreaded permitting process. The McCoy team will pull all necessary permits from the appropriate municipality or utility provider, so that you don’t have to. Our experienced foremen will over see our expert craftsmen from start to finish. Our team will work to make sure that your project is completed on time and on budget. This, we promise! During this phase of the process you will…
    • SIGN YOUR CONTRACT. Did you read it? All of it? Are the numbers correct? Do you find the terms acceptable? Have you identified any risks? Do you feel adequately protected?
    • BUILD YOUR HOME. When will you break ground? What happens next? How long will construction take? What safety measures will be taken during your construction project? Can you avoid delay? How involved will you be? What exactly does your residential contractor do? Do you have responsibilities? What are they?
    • CLOSE ON YOUR LOAN. What happens at closing? Who will be there? Can anything go wrong? If so, what? Did you make a punch list? Have the items been addressed? Who has the keys? Will you be able to move into your new home on closing day?
    • MOVE INTO YOUR NEW HOME! Does the key fit? Do you have the garage door openers? Have you forwarded your mail? Have you set up your utilities, power, gas, and water? Have you established your waste pick up service? When will your furniture arrive? Is everything as it should be?
If you have questions about the home building process, or you are interested in taking the next step, call today. We would be honored to work with you.