Environmentally Responsible Home Decor that won’t make your house look like a craft project. No fibrous brown paper. No Macrame. No kidding.

Talking to one of my good friends, I recently said, “Hey look at this organic duvet cover! It’s from…” I couldn’t get the next sentence out of my mouth before she exclaimed, “Organic? You mean BORGANIC! Ugh. I’m so over all the rough textures and the muted browns.”

Looking back at the duvet cover that I’d just found, I thought, “Fair enough!” It didn’t look like it’d be super soft, it was light brown and the color wasn’t particularly consistent. I liked it – for an organic duvet cover – but, to be honest, if it hadn’t been labeled organic, I doubt I would have even considered it.

This got me thinking: I wonder if I can find home decor items that are both luxurious AND organic – or at least environmentally friendly? I suddenly became determined to find an attractive yet organic alternative to every aspect of a design scheme, from trying to source organic wallpaper (hopefully my favorite peel and stick wallpaper collection will have something!), to maybe even managing to find an organic bed frame! Don’t forget that your outdoor decor is just as important as indoors, as you want something nice to look at when you’re sitting in your garden during the summer months. That’s why something like polywood furniture could be the perfect choice when it comes to selecting pieces for your outdoor living space. But for now, let’s start on the inside. I’ve found some great examples so far. Well, see for yourself! My list (with links) is below…

NEWLY: Balsamo Lucite Tray

According to Studio 9 and TrendHunter, Lucite is one of the 2018 home decor trends that will last well into 2020 and beyond. Newly’s super chic lucite tray is made of 100% recycled acrylic and the company guarantees that no harsh chemicals were used during the manufacturing of it. At 18″ x 14″ x 2.5″, the tray is perfect for displaying books, vases and groupings of small home decor items.

SLASH OBJECTS – Black + Brass Rubber Coaster Set

Smooth, slick and luxurious, this rubber and brass coaster (or spoon rest) is the perfect home decor accessory for a posh kitchen, living room or home office. There would be nothing worse than getting drink residue on the brand new home office furniture that may have brought from somewhere similar to office monster. It’s important to keep any new furniture as clean as possible, and buying these coasters could be the perfect start. The best part(s)? Slash manufactures its entire line of products in the United States – employing your countrymen and women as well as reducing the environmental burden of around-the-world shipping – AND it makes them out of post consumer recycled rubber! Win. Win. And win.

LIVE VESSEL | Honey Bee Travel Mugs

The Live Vessel company, established in 2015, is an environmentally sustainable and fair trade market in which makers can promote and sell their handmade products. The company promotes a whole health, zero waste lifestyle and is committed to supporting both The Honey Bee Conservancy as well as The Ocean Clean Up. This hand made, hand painted, super chic travel mug comes in 8 awesome colors, is sustainably manufactured and promotes the world wide population of pollinators. You cannot go wrong.

EKOBO – Bamboo Plate Set

Desperate for BPA free (and Disney free) tableware for their daughter, Ekobo’s Franco-American founders set out to develop a line of reusable, non-toxic kid cups and plates. Combining sawdust waste from chop-stick factories and a food safe melamine resin, their line is a real – family friendly and earth friendly – alternative to traditional plastics. While we love these bright colors for the kiddos, we also like them as fun, indoor-outdoor dinnerware!

COYUCHI LINENS | Organic Farmhouse Napkins

Did you know that the US generates 21 billion – (that’s billion… with a B!) – pounds of post-consumer textile waste EV.RY.YEAR!?! It’s true. Coyuchi, driven by a profound respect for the natural world and a strong appreciation for our interior environment, has designed a line of organic linens meant for their own, proprietary closed loop recycling program. Their linens are lovely, sustainably manufactured and meant to be recycled. Quality and comfort without compromise. What’s not to love?

LAUREN CANALS: Tassel Basket

Sure! You can put Lauren Canals’ organic cotton basket in your nursery. But, I’m going to put mine in my living room! Cute enough for the kids, chic enough for the grown ups, this handmade, naturally nontoxic basket – made of 100% organic cotton and available in 11 different colors – is a fresh, vibrant and oh-so useful addition to any space.

HOOK & LOOM | Barcelona Rug

In the context of a conversation about carpets and throw rugs, the words handwoven and toxin-free often evoke images of misshapen, roughly textured and weakly dyed mats. Not so for the line from Hook and Loom, though! Their carpets are thoughtfully designed, they boast clever, on-trend patterns and super saturated colors (as well as beautifully subtle neutrals). A Massachusetts based company, Hook and Loom’s wearers hand weave each of its carpets with all natural fibers and without chemicals, solvents, repellents or fire retardants. They’re pretty enough to brag on, safe enough to sleep on.

IN2GREEN | Ombre Throw Blanket

In2Green’s process is fantastic! Their recycled cotton line is made of recycled t-shirts that are re-spun into cotton-blend yarns. Their indoor/outdoor line is made from 100% recycled polyester. In fact, more than 78 post-consumer plastic bottles go into the making of each fade resistant quick drying throw blanket. Not only have their innovative processes won this team of Lady Bosses several prestigious awards, they have helped the company to reduce landfill waste and cut down on the use of chemicals and crude oil!! Also, their textures are great, the colors are super saturated and the designs are clean and modern.


Cisco Brothers manufactures quality furniture entirely from FSC Certified Woods, natural latex, jute, hemp, wool and goose down. In addition to being superior in comfort and lifespan, these materials are inherently flame retardant and, therefore, do not require the use of harsh chemicals. Cisco’s line of chairs is awesome too! We love the Drift Chair for casual spaces and the Tudor Chair for spaces with a more buttoned up feel.

MEDLEY: Palder Night Stand

Elegant and sophisticated but not too serious, Medley’s Paldar Night Stand is a fantastic option for a space which doesn’t require a bedside table with tons of storage (check out Atten and Walt if you need more than a single drawer of storage). Medley’s furniture is handcrafted in the United States is free of harsh chemicals and fire retardants, a “healthy home” option for the conscientious consumer.


One of the furniture industry’s sustainability frontrunners, Lee Industries established NaturaLEE to bring soy-based renewable seat cushions, recycled fiber throw pillows, and trim pads made of regenerated fibers to the broader furniture market. The company’s upholstery program boasts richly textured wovens, plush velvets and sumptuous leathers – all sustainably manufactured and/or harvested. We love this particular chair for its comfortable shape, clean lines and transitional aesthetic.

VINCENT SHEPPARD | Avril Dining Chair

From the sourcing of materials, to production methods and water usage, Vincent Sheppard works to incorporate sustainability into its business model. Utilizing solar power, the company’s Belgium based manufacturing facility has reached an impressive 90% self-sustainability – thereby reducing its carbon foot print AND its overhead. The Avril Chair is one of McCoy Homes’ favorites, but we really like the Cruz Cocoon and the Wicked Lounge Chair, too!

D-BOHDI | Fendy Collection

DBodhi boasts 16 current furniture collections made almost entirely of recycled paper, rubber, sheet metal and/or denim as well as reclaimed wood and iron. The company is committed to the development of environmentally efficient and socially responsible lifestyle concepts. It delivers a monthly donation to Trees4Trees Foundation – a reforestation project – operating in Central Java, Indonesia. The company also works to align its interests with the needs of the communities in which it operates. As such, it invests heavily in job training programs and local community enrichment projects.


Our designers L.O.V.E. Jacques Deneef’s Three Seater Sofa from Ethnicraft! Its size, shape, scale and casual all-in-one construction make it a perfect seating piece for a casual – but not loungey – gathering space. Keep this sofa set as clean and as fresh as possible by having a look at an upholstery cleaning machine to ensure that it is kept looking brand new for a long time. It can also help to get rid of any stains that could make their way onto the chair. Who wouldn’t want that? Ethnicraft – a zero waste facility – works to reclaim its materials from post-consumer sources and, when it cant, it uses only FSC Certified teak harvested from plantations carefully managed by the Indonesian government.

THE JOINERY | Whitman Bed

Clean lines, unique datails and clever joinery drop the Whitman bed squarely in the running for our favorite sustainable furniture piece! Committed to making a positive impact in both its local community and the world, Joinery is a Certified B Corporation and won the Corporation’s Best For The World Award in 2015. In an effort to control quality and garantee sustainability, Joinery source US grown hardwood species – almost exclusively. However, when it is required (by specific customer request) to look outside of the country, Joinery works only with known and trusted organizations to ensure that it using responsibly grown and harvested materials.

While we do really like the Whitman Bed, our designers had a lot of trouble deciding between it and the Dovetail Desk for this article!


To the folks at Environment, the idea of sustainability is an essential component of good design and good living. Made with FSC Certified woods, organic latex, jute, hemp and wool, their furniture is well made, it is timeless, it is comfortable and it is meant to be enjoyed.

Well… There you have it! Our list of 16 sustainable home decor items that are both stylish AND sustainable! Comment below to let us know what you think? And remember, if you’re looking for a new home around which to build your smart collection of sustainably sourced and manufactured home goods and decor… give McCoy Homes a call! We’d be honored to work with you.