Organize Your Home to Organize Your Life

When things are out of place in your home, it’s easy to feel frazzled and out of sorts. However, unless you have the proper storage methods for your home, you will constantly be cleaning your space. This is especially true during the holidays. As gifts, decorations, receipts, shopping bags, and donations pile up, it’s easy for your home to start to feel cramped and chaotic.

Here at McCoy Homes, we understand how easily a messy home can make its inhabitants feel unfocused and flustered. That’s why we’ve assembled our favorite organizational tips to make this holiday season go by without a hitch. 

Consider Built-In Storage

Whether you have space in your home or are building a new house, never underestimate the power of built-in storage and shelves. These are absolutely the best way to maximize your space and organize your belongings. You can design built-in storage to fit any space and work for whatever organizational system you prefer. These systems can also be labeled to help maximize your organization and make for no-thought access to your belongings.

Spring for the Wrapping Paper Organizer

Whether you have amassed wrapping paper from years gone by, buy new, or a little of both, it’s important to have a place to store it. Check out this wrapping paper cart. This particular organizer has room for more than just paper rolls – making it easy to find, easy to access, and easy to see what you have.

Label Everything

When the holiday craziness sets in, you’ll be surprised how helpful labels can be. Even the most obvious tubs and bins should be clearly labeled. You never know when you’re going to have an extra glass of nog or want to find your holiday serving platter from 1994.

Keep the Original Boxes

The original boxes are the best storage for some items, such as large decorations or seasonally used appliances. If you only bring something out once or twice a year, consider keeping the box and storing the item in it between uses. The package is an easy, obvious label for what’s inside and can make for easy access.

Contact McCoy Homes

If you are building a home, trust our team to create the interior of your dreams. Built-in organization is a key aspect of what we do, and we can make sure that your future home has the kind of organization that your family needs. Our team is standing by to make sure your future holidays go as smoothly as possible (though we can’t do anything about your in-laws). Contact us today.