At McCoy Homes, We Take Pride in What Matters

It is human nature to be proud. As parents, we are often proud of our children’s accomplishments and growth. As friends, we are proud of our pals when they achieve a promotion or meet a personal goal. Finally, as neighbors, we are proud of the homes and hospitality that make Southern life so special. 

Here at McCoy Homes, our team is proud, too. Though we would never seek to brag, we know that we do good, honest work for our clients. We are proud of the homes we create and extremely happy for our clients who can feel at peace in their spaces. We end each day knowing that we have done our best for our clients, and it made a real difference in their lives. 

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But Don’t Take Our Word for It!

Fortunately, our clients seem to agree with us. Long before we hit our stride as a company, our clients recognized the work we do for them. These are just a few testimonials about the McCoy Homes team that we particularly love. 

Chattanoogas Best Custom Home Builder

On, Karen says, “We interviewed several builders before choosing McCoy Homes. What sold us in the beginning held true throughout the entire process! The McCoy Homes team had excellent communication—they ALWAYS responded no matter the situation or time of day. The McCoy Homes team were top-notch professionals throughout the design and build [of] our home. Every item on our punch list was fixed BEFORE we closed on the home; how amazing is that??!! We enjoy sharing our positive feedback with anyone we meet that may be getting ready to build their forever home. We love every detail of our home and could not be more satisfied with our choice of McCoy Homes!!”

Fortunately, Karen isn’t the only client of ours who loves our work. On Facebook, Steve writes, “We had an excellent design and build experience with McCoy Homes. We were still living and working at our previous home 600 miles away while we built with McCoy Homes, but the entire process was very smooth, and the house was completed in 8.5 months. We have now lived in our new home for almost two years, and we love it, especially the quality!!” 

Chattanoogas Best Home Builder

Make Your Home a McCoy Home 

If you search for McCoy Homes reviews, we are confident you will find many more reviews like these. Our clients have always been good to us, and we continue to provide high-quality work in return. 

If you are ready to make your home a McCoy home, contact us today.